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Pvt institutes milking money out of pregnancy

Health Minister Zahid Malik today said private medical centres are opting more for needless caesarean sections to milk money out of pregnancy.

"Around 70% of deliveries in our country is done through c-section which is higher than the standard of World Health Organisation (WHO),” he said.

"C-section is not always needed. Needless c-section is done in private clinics and hospitals for business purposes," he said at a programme in Manikganj.

"People think that they will not get treatment in government facilities; and private medical institutes cash in on this opportunity," he added.

The minister added that his ministry has taken up initiatives to ensure healthcare of citizens.

He was addressing the inaugural of "Mamoni Maternal and Neonatal Healthcare Development Project" of USAID and Save the Children in Saturia.

Derik Brown, director of USAID in Bangladesh, Mark Pierce, country director for Save the Children, and SM Ferdaus, deputy commissioner of Manikganj were present at the programme.

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