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Pregnancy is a special time full of excitement and anticipation. But for expectant mothers facing the outbreak of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19), fear, anxiety and uncertainty are clouding this otherwise happy time.

This is the story of Tasnima who is a 28 years old mother. Tasnima wanted a smooth, uncomplicated, vaginal delivery. She had minor complication in her first trimester and was prescribed bed rest for few weeks. After that she did not face any complication during her pregnancy. Tasnima had a full-term pregnancy but unfortunately she had to face an unplanned cesarean surgery due to the Covid situation.

Tasnima started to feel her labor pain from Monday night and she could not sleep properly at that night due to the pain. They went to the hospital in the next morning with proper precautions. The pain was becoming unbearable for her.

She was dilated and her contractions increased. The doctor did a preliminary checkup and all the indicators of delivery were measured. Tasnima was doing fight, she just needed enough time to be dilated and for her contractions to increase. On that note, the doctor suggested that she does a C-section on Tasnima if she wants to avoid the pain and for the of this covid situation. They said that they will not take responsibility if the child or mother face any difficulty or get infected by covid during the waiting period for normal delivery. To which the entire family had a shocking reaction.

“I was mentally prepared to take the pain. I was ready for a normal delivery. The baby was healthy and I was strong. There was no need for a C-section, so I was really surprised at his suggestion of an easy way out,” Tasnima spoke her mind during the interview.

The doctors did an unplanned cesarean surgery on Tasnima. Luckily the baby girl born healthy but Tasnima had few complications due to her surgery.

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