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Some questions are still unanswered to Wasima

Image © : Save the Children

3 weeks before my expected delivery date, I experienced slight labor pain but it was bearable. Yet, I went to the hospital just to get myself checked to see if everything was alright. As the labor pain was not severe, the doctor gave me injections to induce the pain at the hospital. After that first drip my baby’s heartbeat decreased. Then probably they gave another injection to increase the heartbeat. I felt the same- the pain didn’t increase, neither did it decrease. After waiting for some times, again they gave drip to induce pain.  Near about 24 hours passed like this, amidst all of the chaos that goes on in a hospital, the doctor told me that the baby’s heartbeat was falling down alarmingly.

Meanwhile the worst thing that happened was, the Gynaecologist whom I had been visiting throughout my pregnancy period was out of town. It was a confusing time for my husband and myself. We didn’t understand what steps should have been taken - should we go for a C-section or should we try harder for a normal delivery.

That was our first baby, and we did not want to take any risk. We were in a bit of panic. The doctors suggested a C-Section to avoid problems with the falling heartbeat of the baby. Hence, I underwent the surgery. Everything went well, my baby was safe and so was I. I was ready to go home in 3 days.

However, even today, 4 years later, I don’t know whether I really required a C-Section at that point of time or not. Could I have delivered my baby without it? Or would it be a real risk for me and my child? The question yet remains unanswered. As a non-medical person, all I wanted was a healthy baby, at any cost” – says Wasima.

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