Case Studies

The Most Beautiful Experience

“When I first found out I was pregnant, the first few months were very exciting. I was so overwhelmed about the feeling of becoming a mother that I never really put much thought into how my child was actually going to be delivered. However, after the pregnancy started to progress slowly, I had a lot of questions inside me which made me want to do some research. I started asking around about both normal delivery and C-section delivery options. 

I received two types of opinions. First being that even though normal delivery is good for the mother and the recovery process is much faster, there might be complications for the child sometimes. Second being that the norm in the country I reside in currently is that even if a mother wants to have a normal delivery, they are continuously monitored and sometimes persuaded to think they have complications. Given the hospital is a good one and you are in the hands of the right practitioners, a c- section would be conducted if only needed which is how it should be. But in most cases, mothers are convinced to think otherwise. At that point I was sure I wanted to settle for a normal delivery and made my mind firm on that. So when the time finally came for my delivery, I went ahead with my plan and had my child normally delivered as planned. However, what was the most difficult part of all this was my labor experience. I was never told about what it is like to go on labor, and no one had ever prepared me for it. It is nothing like how we see it in the movies or hear about it. Normal delivery is a long and tedious process which is why it is called ‘labor’, and mine lasted for 25 hours.

The first 12 hours were not that difficult. I had mild contractions and I was doing well. But the last 6 hours were unbearable. The pain was out of this world. However, despite all that, it does not compare to anything in this world which makes me think the pain itself is a bittersweet experience but the delivery process itself is a whole new experience. Frankly, I like to believe it is one of my most prized possessions and I consider myself very fortunate for having the chance to go through this process. When I got pregnant with my second child, it was also a very healthy pregnancy. I did have a minor complication specifically a case of Partial placenta Previa, but it was nothing too serious so I was still able to have my baby normally. My second child delivery was much easier than my first. Around the second time, the pain lasted for 3 hours and my delivery was pretty quick as well. I am actually a part time music artist, and I remember that I had a show scheduled the next day. But because my second childbirth experience was so simple, I had actually considered going to the show and I was trying to convince my mother to allow me to go jokingly.

To elaborate further, it is a wonderful feeling to be going through this and especially when you realize every single mother in this world has endured such a process in their life, and yet they choose to have more children going forward and raise them wholeheartedly. It only goes to increase your respect for women so much more. Physically, women are very strong. While child birth experiences can differ from person to person, every story is unique. I would still preach that if there are no health complications, normal delivery is the way to go. In fact, it should be the only option.

In conclusion I would say that, we all have a lot of misconceptions and scares surrounding the idea of a normal delivery. I understand that it is driven from the association to the word ‘pain’, but in our day and time I want mothers to do their research and understand prior to their childbirth. Despite normal delivery being a messy experience, it is the right way to go. Every mother should go through this experience because it will only make them so much stronger as it pushes you to the best of your ability. Thus, my last words would be that if you do not have any complications and if a C-section is not necessary, go for normal delivery. It is the most beautiful and valuable gift you could give yourself." - Warda Ashraf, Deputy Manager at Save the Children in Bangladesh


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