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Mother experiences both Normal Delivery and C-Section

"I am a mother of a nine-year-old and a five-year-old. My two birth experiences are completely different from each other. When I first found out that I was expecting, I really wanted to have a natural delivery and I never went with a doctor, I went with a midwife since I was aiming to have a completely naturally delivery.

The reason why I chose that or preferred that is because I feel like giving birth is a natural process that our bodies are designed to go through. I’ve grown up hearing stories from my mother and my grandmothers who have all had normal deliveries and I wanted to follow the same path. I was also firm about the fact that I did not want any pain relief because I wanted to experience what a natural delivery felt like. I must admit, when I was in labor I did scream for a pain relief a few times as I wanted the pain to subside but I am glad I could restraint myself and due to which my recovery was much faster.

After that I starting having some health complications and because of this when I conceived my second child, I was advised to go for a Caesarian section delivery which was medically needed. It was not like it was an option hence I had to go for it despite my pleasant experience with Normal delivery earlier. Once you become a mother, there is a beautiful baby in front of you but with it comes a lot of work. Around my first childbirth, the recovery was much faster and within 3 hours I was told by the midwife that I was ready to go home. I got up, I walked from my delivery suite to the room and I was able to hold my baby and breastfeed her much quicker and carry her and walk around. When I had the C-section, the recovery was extremely painful. I was given a lot of medication to manage the pain but I felt conscious taking them as I knew they medicines were going into my breastmilk and I was breastfeeding my son at that point. I found it very difficult to get out of bed. I needed help even to go the washroom. My mobility was restricted for the first 3 days and all of this took a toll on my sleep and my health. The entire recovery process was much longer and even after 6 weeks and a month I was still going through a lot of pain.

I know every women has a different body and every childbirth has a different story. But I am an advocate for natural delivery and I feel like that’s the best way to go unless of course it is medically necessary. C-section have of course saved many lives but if the pregnancy is healthy, mother should do their research on the benefits of normal delivery and have their babies delivered naturally since that’s what our bodies are designed to do."

Farin Daulah, owner of Yellow Brick Road, lecturer at North South University and a mother of two children, shares her birth stories with us.

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