Case Studies

A Sudden C-section call

"When I was 31, I had my first baby in Dhaka at one of the better hospitals in the city. During my pregnancy, I was doing a lot of yoga and I was very active physically. Even two days before my delivery I walked 2kms with a friend. All throughout my pregnancy, I had hoped to have a normal delivery because normal delivery is the most natural way to go. But unfortunately, when I was admitted at the hospital, the doctors suddenly told me I have some complications and risks and that the baby was in trouble. They did not even tell me I was going to have a C-section until half an hour before wheeling me into the OT which is something that I considered really unfair given it was being done to my body. Post my child’s birth, I really also missed out on bonding with my child for the first 24 hours after she was born. I was in so much excruciating pain that I could not even hold her properly. I feel like this is traumatic not just for the mother but the newly born child who is carried by the mother for 9 months and suddenly they are taken away. Caesarians also take a longer take to heal and so It took me 14 days before I was able to walk properly again. Coupled with the breastfeeding, and the lack of good posture due to my stitches it was extremely painful and I did not enjoy that time in my life. I felt helpless and felt butchered to an extent.

I believe that hospitals in Bangladesh do not tell you how to do pelvic floor exercises which is actually really affective and this is why, women after their normal birth or c sections end up with severely damaged or weakened pelvic floor muscles. Thus, if I had to make a suggestion to mothers who are going to have their childbirth soon, it is that unless you have some severe condition for which you need to have a C-section, please refuse to go for it. Our bodies as mammals are designed to give birth naturally and so we can all do this. Women are very strong; they are strong mentally and that is a lot of power, so I do not want to say C-sections are good for you. It will only leave you much weaker both in body and mind and no matter how much yoga or exercise you do; you will never have your body back. So refrain from having a C-section unless it is a medical dire emergency."

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