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'If you think a cesarean is easy, you are wrong': Tammin Sursok reveals it took her 'five years to let go of the trauma' surrounding the birth of her first child... after she welcomed new baby Lennon 13 weeks ago

She welcomed her second child, daughter Lennon, just over three months ago. 

But on Saturday, Tammin Sursok was reflecting on her first pregnancy with eldest daughter Phoenix, now five. 

Speaking about what she described as a 'traumatic' cesarean section delivery, the 35-year-old took to Instagram with some inspiring words. 

'If you think the mother doesn't experience a feeling of great loss about the 'perfect' way to birth her child, you are wrong'. 

She went on to write: 'If you think a mother sometimes doesn't experience PTSD from her experience, you are wrong.'

'It took me five years to let go of the trauma surrounding my birth. It took having a second c-section and realising that I was one day away from a uterine rupture to make peace with my experience and feel so damn grateful'. 

She added, 'That's not ok. And that needs to change. Cesareans are a gift. Our babies and we survive because of them.'

The actress then paid tribute: 'To all the mamas who birthed this way. We still birthed our babies and we are so lucky for it'. 

It comes after Tammin shared a photo of her new daughter, at 12 weeks, and marvelled at how she was growing.   

Taking to Instagram, the the mother-of-two wrote: 'Something happens when your baby turns 12 weeks. The haze starts to lift. The laughter becomes real and the sun starts to shine so bright.'

Tammin shares Lennon with husband film director Sean McEwen, 44, and are also parents to five-year-old Phoenix. 


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