Case Studies

Accidental Normal Delivery

"I was in extreme labor pain. I thought the pain would subside and I could wait to go to the hospital the next day, but it only kept getting worse. So I decided to get admitted to the hospital right then. After getting there, the doctors did their regular examination and told me that they wanted to conduct a Caesarian section delivery. This news was a bit shocking for me since I had never spoken of or decided on the topic of a caesarian section before with any of my doctors.  I was not prepared for this but since the doctors suggested it, I thought they would know the best, so I had to agree on it.

Following that, within half an hour I was taken to the operation theatre for the surgery. I was told that we had to wait for a senior doctor to conduct the delivery and the appointed doctor was on his way to the hospital. I thought it would be a brief wait period, but it was taking longer than expected. Meanwhile, my labor pain started increasing. I felt like my baby was already on the verge of coming out. I was not sure what I was supposed to do at that point since I did not receive any guidance or support from the service providers at the hospital. I felt wave like pushes every other minute and contraction of pelvic muscles. All of a sudden, the baby was crowning and came out in less than 5 minutes. Absolutely normally. Thus, I ended up delivering naturally. Even though the doctors were ready to do a C-section surgery on me and I complied with their decision unknowingly, it was a blessing that my child came out normally instead.

This incident of mine only proves that doctors often take decisions about caesarian section delivery without doing examinations properly. In my case it was evident that the decision was hastily taken without any thought process as to whether a c-section was necessary or not. If we waited, the baby would have come out naturally which it eventually did. Thus, this is a problem that continues to exist in our everyday life where our medical professionals are not confident about their treatment decisions and in most cases, mothers have to suffer the consequences. " -Lamisa

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