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Farzana gathers courage for normal delivery

As Farzana holds her newborn in her hands, she reminisces the birth of her baby girl Mehrish Aarya, who is now only 51 days old. Farzana shares the story of her child birth, a normal vaginal delivery, a subject that is hardly spoken of anymore in Bangladesh because of its rare occurrence.

On the morning of 27th January 2019, Farzana woke up with tremendous lower back pain. She noticed she was having minor contractions and without further hesitation, she called her doctor friend to discuss the situation. The friend then informed her that she might be having an early labor, but Farzana deliberately decided to wait a little more. She managed to handle the pain that night but decided to visit the hospital early the next day. So she made her way there at 8am. After admission, Farzana was told that she was having an early labor pain but her baby’s position was on the bottom right in the uterus.

“I was asked to drink some hot milk by the nurse and walk back and forth to help the baby position better” she says. Around 1pm and after another quick checkup, the baby came back to the right position but her cervix did not contract. With her pain increasing severely, the doctor then decided to break her water while her dilations were still light. 

At 9pm, Farzana’s actual labor pain started. The frequency of her contractions went up and she was given saline as she could not eat or breathe. The pain started to become unbearable an hour before midnight.

“It was extremely painful. At that moment, I was so desperate to have a C-section, just to get away from the pain. I couldn’t hold on anymore.” However, Farzana’s cousin who had accompanied her to the hospital since morning encouraged her to not give up. Following her cousin’s advice, she realized she did not want to have a caesarian section and suffer her whole life. She reminded herself that the pain was temporary and would subside as soon as the baby was delivered. So she gathered her courage and went ahead with the initial normal delivery plan.

At 11:45, Farzana gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. “The delivery happened pretty quick.” she says. The baby was out in 5-8 minutes even though she had faced a lot of pain for the first 30 minutes. The delivery itself was very fast and efficient.

She further shares that even though the process was painful, she healed within one week of delivery and was back to her usual life, whereas she hears her friends who had gone through C-section’s still suffer from pain even months after their childbirth.

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