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“I did not even wait until I went on labor. I was having an itching skin condition all over my body, so on the end of 35 weeks I decided to visit my gynecologist. For checkup purposes, I was assigned several liver tests and was told to remain patient until the reports were released. When the reports came, I was informed I had Hepatitis E and a very high SGPT level. The concentration of enzymes in my liver had increased, and I was advised to undergo delivery on the end of my 37 weeks as it might get risky afterwards. The doctor informed me that there was not enough time to induce me as they have to operate as early as possible, so normal delivery was out of the question as it would cause excessive bleeding for me. Hence, we decided to go for a planned Caesarean Section Delivery even though I was still hesitant about it. While this was ongoing, I had earlier done pregnancy checkups outside the country where I had consulted with another doctor and would regularly send him my reports and get feedbacks. Being in a state of panic and confusion, I decided to reach out to him to know his opinion as such complications did not arise with my prior child. He had then told me that everything I was going through is normal in pregnancy, and that I could be operated normally abroad but in Bangladesh it was difficult. Trying to eliminate any possible risk at this point, I went ahead and had my baby in the C-section delivery procedure, but it was NOT an easy one.

It took me days to heal. Having severe back pain after operation, I was prescribed high dosage pain killers which made my legs swell and caused my blood pressure to go up. I was also given sleeping pills as I was in discomfort and incapable of sleeping due to the unbearable pain in my body. With the effect of the epidural and spinal anesthesia, it was difficult for me to even hold my baby properly and nurse her. Even sneezing or coughing felt like my stitches might come off any time. However, even though I had hoped for a normal delivery throughout my pregnancy period, given my condition and the risks that came with it, I opted for what seemed the best decision.

2 years later, looking back, I am thankful for a healthy child but this was definitely the most painful experience in my life and I would not want to go through with it twice.” – says Inaya Kabir, 31 years old.


(Inaya is an architect by profession and a mother of two residing in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Her First child was a normal delivery but she had undergone C-section with her Second child)

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