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My third child

"For the third time when I became pregnant I had a different experience. I had two normal deliveries before and I was hoping to do the same for the third delivery as well. I was consulting with a private practitioner at the time of my third delivery. The week prior to my due date I had a checkup with the doctor and everything was fine,” said Naima Ahmed- foreign national, who has been working in Bangladesh for many years.

"As many of us may know that the normal delivery time cannot be fixed. Your water can break at any time and you can start having contractions at any time as well. This is the most obvious and natural thing about delivery. And it happened to me too,” says Naima during her interview.

Naima’s water broke and pain shot up in the middle of the night. She and her husband rushed to the hospital. However, Naima’s doctor was not present at that time since it was in the middle of the night. Due to which the assistant doctors and nurses present at the hour suggested that she undergoes a C-Section delivery in the absence of the doctor.

“Was that a good enough reason to undertake a C-Section delivery? I have heard that C-Section is a lifesaving intervention and should only be used when the baby or the mother is put to risk. I was just not ready to comply with it so easily. So I was head strong about it and said that I would try more for some time,” said Naima with full determination in her voice.

However, what followed after this was an eye opener for many of us. After a lot of struggle and combatting doctors suggestions finally when Naima was in full term contraction and ready to deliver the only thing stopping her to do so was access to the delivery room. In this situation, the private hospital authorities failed to find out the key to the delivery room. This suggested that as this room was not in use for the longest time, this had been locked away so much that the key was nowhere to be found.

“I was in a wheelchair screaming in pain and having full term contractions. And the hospital authority could not manage to find the keys to the delivery room. I have paid so much money and did not deserve service of such minimal quality,” said Naima in her interview with us. From the discussions with her she expressed her concerns and frustrations on weaknesses in the entire health system and delivering process. She expresses her concerns of hurting a child while delaying so much for something as trivial as the keys to the delivery room. However, with self-confidence, strength and family support she was able to combat all the obstacles.

"It is a beautiful feeling and a memorable one indeed. I hope to encourage other mothers to show their strength and courage,” says a mother of now 3, Naima.

[Disclaimer: The subject's actual name & picture have not been published for privacy concern.]

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