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“I am lucky my mother was a gynecologist,” says first time mother Sonia

There may be many reasons behind having a caesarean delivery. The position of the baby while in the womb, delayed pregnancy, etc. However, none of these complications took place in the case of Sonia Hassan, tells us Sonia’s mother who is a renowned gynecologist and public health professional in Bangladesh.

This was Sonia’s first pregnancy and the family was delighted with joy. Sonia was under the supervision of a renowned doctor in one of the most prevalent private hospitals in the city. Almost nearing her delivery date, one evening Sonia began to feel a slight pain and contractions, so she and her husband went to the hospital. However, her pain began to subside soon after. She was suggested by the doctor to stay back at the hospital if she was willing to, in case the pain increased at night. However, Sonia and her husband decided to go back home and come back during increased pain.

The next morning, Sonia’s pain increased more than the night before. She was dilated and her contractions increased. Hence, Sonia’s mother re-admitted her to the hospital once again. The doctor did a preliminary checkup and all the indicators of delivery were measured. Sonia was doing fight, she just needed enough time to be dilated and for her contractions to increase. On that note, the doctor suggested that he does a C-section on Sonia if she wants to avoid the pain. To which the entire family had a shocking reaction.

“I was mentally prepared to take the pain. I was ready for a normal delivery. The baby was health and I was strong. There was no need for a C-section, so I was really surprised at his suggestion of an easy way out,” Sonia spoke her mind during the interview.

“I am a gynecologist. As a doctor, I saw all of my daughter’s reports, the baby and the mother were in great condition to delivery normally. I just couldn’t not fathom why the doctor urged for a C-Section baby,” said Soni’s mother. She had opposed to the doctor immediately and opted to give the mother and baby a lot of time and patience. Although very hesitant and not supportive at all about the family’s decision, the doctor waited for them.

Just after 3 hours, Sonia was in full term contractions and was 4cm dilated. She was taken to the normal delivery room. Sonia was accompanied by her mother and the two of them received the biggest shock of their lives. The delivery room looked like it hadn’t been visited in years. Although the rest of the hospital was clean, the delivery room looked deserted. There were dust on the equipment to be used, the delivery cloths were shabby and had not been touched in a while. The delivery bed had been utilized in some other room and had to be brought back for this normal delivery to happen. The lights were fused and spider webs in corners of the room, really suggesting that this room had not been used in a while.

"I remember having contractions and being in pain. Instead of supporting me, the duty doctors came in to ask me if I could bare the pain or wanted to do a C-Section. If I did not have a gynecologist mother to guide my delivery process through, I would not have never received the strength or encouragement. Neither would I have been able to delivery normally. For a mother who is under so much pain it was disheartening to have to go through this mental stress,” said Sonia as she expressed her concerns at the time of the interview.

According to Sonia, while waiting in the delivery room for her contractions there were a whole line of other pregnant mothers waiting to be taken to the Operation Theatre for a C-Section. Mothers like Sonia who are willing to take the challenge, put in that strength and go forth with the process really question the ethical practice of the health practitioners in this country. According to Sonia, it is now the time to turn back the tide. She hopes to be an example and encouragement for other mothers to follow.

[Disclaimer: The subject's actual name & picture have not been published for privacy concern.]

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