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“It’s not my decision, I can only suggest,” Mohan Acharjee

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Mohan Lal Acharjee is 34 years old. Just a week ago Mohan and his newly wedded wife Maya (27) had their first born. Although the couple desired to have a baby girl, they were blessed with a handsome and charming baby boy. But the joy of having a child, be it a girl or a boy was unparalleled to anything else in the world. The couple was ecstatic with happiness.

Although this may begin to sound like the most ideal story, it may not quite be. The couple went through a very tedious phase of ups and downs before the birth of their baby. Mohan is a very educated and progressive man and so is his wife. However, the couple had much disagreements in decision making. Maya opted for a Cesarean Section baby even prior to her pregnancy period, which according to Mohan was an irrational decision on her part. However Maya was submerged in stories of unbearable pain, excessive bleeding and horror stories of lengthy labor stays. She heard from her mates about the satisfaction in delivering by C-Section- no pain, no sweat, no screams, no filth and disgust. To her it sounded like the ideal way forward to having a baby. Mohan and his wife had quite a few fights about this decision. Mohan in many ways tried to influence her, advise her and motivate her by stating the positive sides of a normal delivery on both the baby and the mother. However, convincing Maya was impossible.

As the delivery date approached, Maya’s decision towards C-Section became stronger. “It is not my decision. She is the bearer of the baby. I am the father and I can only try and suggest her. At the end of the day she will do what she is the most comfortable with,” says Mohon. Mohon tried many things; visiting the doctor and taking the doctor’s suggestion was one of them. However, that seemed to fail hard when the doctor agreed to the C-section without much encouragement to delivery normally. “It seemed to me that the doctor was rather discouraging normal delivery. It costed me 70,000 taka and an addition of four nights stay at the hospital. I cannot help but think it was meant for me to spend that money!” said Mohon in utter shock.

It had occurred to Mohon that he was not able to have a positive influence on his wife, given the fact that the entire society, norm, culture and in his case his own doctor was driven towards this hype of C-section delivery. Although very harmful if used unnecessarily, C-Section has now become a statement of birth rather than a lifesaving intervention. Yes, Mohon and Maya have a beautiful baby, but Mohon fears the repercussions of an unnecessary C-section baby that might dawn down upon them soon.

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