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A Working Mother’s Story

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Tahmina became pregnant in fourth year of her marriage. Being a full time working woman, Tahmina is used to constantly juggle her life between her workplace and home. Hence, once Tahmina became pregnant, she knew that she would get very little time to take care of herself and recover to the fullest before joining her work. Although she received maternity leave for 6 months from her workplace, Tahmina did not want to risk lengthening the leave status in the fear of losing her promising promotion which would give her career a big push forward. 

During her due time of delivery, Tahmina and her husband went to the doctor. They opted for normal delivery. “I wanted to recover fast. I had heard from people that C-Section surgery took a long time for mothers to heal. I didn’t want that for myself,” says Tahmina. The doctor had given Tahmina a medicine named Oxytocin that would fasten the delivery process and push the baby downwards so that it could be a normal delivery. Tahmina was mentally ready to go for it. All she needed was to give it some time for the baby to slowly move downwards.

However, at that crucial point she was informed by the doctor that her ultrasonography report demonstrated the meconium stool of the fetus had almost been mixed up with the amniotic fluid. She mentioned, “The doctor also said that mixture may enter into the fetal lungs shortly before birth and that can partially or completely block baby's airways.”

This definitely caused a state of panic and discomfort amongst the couple. As suggested by the doctors at that point, Tahmina underwent a C-Section to avoid the possible risks associated with normal delivery. Tahmina delivered a beautiful healthy baby girl and she also got recovered from the surgery soon after. However, the pain from the surgery kept recurring till now. Often she has to take sick leave from her work, to address this pain. She hopes that amidst all this, the dream of building her career will not go in vain.

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