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My Wife’s Horrible C Section Experience

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“My wife and I were watching TV on a Friday night when suddenly she experienced sporadic abdominal cramps. The pain started to increase and became more frequent; it kept getting worse as the night grew. I didn’t want to risk an emergency in the early hours of dawn, hence I rushed right then and there to the nearest hospital. The doctors checked my wife and said she hadn't dilated as much, but the pain was increasing consistently. We waited till morning for her water to break, however even with increasing intolerable pain, my wife’s water didn’t break. Lastly, a doctor came to provide her with a dose of epidural anesthesia after which she had no pain for the next 4-5 hours. Meanwhile, doctors discovered that she wasn’t progressing towards naturally pushing the baby downwards. Also the baby had changed normal position. At that crucial time, there was no way to think twice than having trust on God and our doctor. Within few minutes they brought my wife to the operation theatre to undergo a C-Section.

The surgery went well and I became a father of a beautiful baby boy. But the post experience of C-Section is quite horrific and difficult for the mother.  Recovery is the worst part of having C-Section. My wife can’t sit comfortably for long, she feels a pain while bending and has been faced with restrictive movement. It has been 9 months since our child is born and even now my wife is bogged down with physical complications and is dealing with post-surgery trauma. The only thing that keeps us going and makes up smile is our son crawling out of his bed and smiling at us.” – Ashik Shafiq, Azimpur.

[ Disclaimer: The subject's actual name & picture have not been published for privacy concern.]

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