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Too Posh to Push

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“Not all the C-section goes in a comfortable way. Some people closest to me had to go through the wrong procedure before having it. My close friend’s plan went wrong, she required an unscheduled C-section after 9-10 hours of hideously painful labor.” – says Ishrat, a 34 years old lady who recently gave birth through an elective Cesarean section.

On June 15th, after 37 weeks of pregnancy, Ishrat gave birth via elective Cesarean section. All she cared about was her baby’s safety with a painless delivery process.  She doesn’t even regret for having it rather she’s quite happy that she did it in this planned way.

“The main thing is I never had a birth plan. Mainly I was paranoid by giving birth to my baby all naturally and was absolutely sure that I wouldn’t be able to take that unbearable pain. I researched a lot while my baby was in my womb. I also got aware that C-sections requires a longer recovery time with increased risks of some major complications. Though knowing all these facts, I was literally stuck to that only point that scares me most- that unbearable pain of normal delivery, may be labor pain would take even more than 24 hours, even upto 2-3 days. I was literally thinking about how can I survive that enormous pain? Another reason of delivering my child before the due date was we had a plan to go on a vacation at the end of July or at the beginning of August because my husband hardly gets leave. Therefore, before that I had to get the baby out. If I waited for my natural delivery, probably we wouldn’t be able to make it on time.

Luckily I hardly faced any kind of pregnancy related complications. Before that, I was under scheduled check-up of my obstetrician. When I consulted with her and let her know about my fear and need of having a C section, then she just laughed at me by simply telling that- there’s no gain without pain in this world. Although she didn’t discourage me of having a C-section either.”

However, the scheduled day came just in the blink of an eye. Ishrat got an extensive medical care in one of the reputed private hospitals throughout those 4/5 days. Today, she’s the mother of a beautiful baby boy. Other than the sporadic pain and cramping for several weeks, she has no such complications after having a C section. Now she’s ready to enjoy her vacation with family.

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