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At about 6-7 weeks into her pregnancy, Masuma found out that she was carrying twins. She was both excited and tensed at the same time, as she was pregnant for the first time and that also of a twin! In spite of this condition, her spouse helped her a lot to overcome the tension of bearing twin babies. The first 3-4 months of her pregnancy period were quite horrifying as she suffered from morning sickness and almost lost her appetite. After recovering from that, she somehow managed to do some light exercises suggested by the Sub-district Health complex at her locality. But Masuma’s blood pressure went up very high during 33 weeks. Doctors recommended a change in her diet plan; she was suggested to refrain from regular exercises. Though she didn’t refrain herself from walking on a regular basis for about 15-20 minutes every day, as she was determined to have a safe delivery process for her babies, due to which she needed to remain healthy. After regular checkups and observations for the rest of the weeks, Masuma was suggested a Cesarean Section during her 38 weeks by her obstetrician. The reason behind it was her physical weakness or instable situation and also to prevent all the possible danger of having the first twin children.

The doctors picked a date and time. On the day of the delivery, Masuma got prepared for the operation. Although she was mentally ready to undergo a normal vaginal delivery, as recommended by her doctor and due to her complicacy, Masuma had to undergo the C-section surgery. Eventually, she was off to the operating room. Soon, the anesthesia started to take effect on Masuma’s body, but she couldn’t feel any pain or was less concerned about the progress of the surgery. After almost 5-10 minutes, she heard her first baby crying loudly. After a while, another baby started crying. The best thing was that both the babies were in absolutely perfect condition with a healthy weight. Masuma and her babies needed to stay in the hospital for the next four days.

Right after her delivery, she started losing lots of blood per vagina. Though the doctors told her that this was due to carrying full term twin babies and hence Mausma’s uterus had been distended. However the doctor administered a bunch of drugs and within a few days, her excessive bleeding was resolved. Masuma still claims that apart from her complications, her delivery of two beautiful baby boys was the most wondrous and magical day of her life. She had also seen the warmth of people around her throughout her pregnancy time which she can’t forget.

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