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A Story of Remote Bangladesh, where lights of Health Care or Family Planning do not reach

Image © : Save the Children

Lengura [Doubari]  is one of the sub-districts within Sylhet’s Gowainghat district The access to and from the area is quite challenging, as a result reaching basic health and education services is costly, time consuming and has significant uncertainties.   

Fatema Begum is a native of Gowainghat. Fatema and her husband Kala Mia are parents to 9 children, sadly 4 of them had died . Fatema is now 34 and has conceived 9 times. Fatema and her husband Kala Miya has 5 children living with them at the moment and sadly, 3 of them couldnt make it to their 5th birthday while one of them was still born.

For having less knowledge about family planning, Fatema Begum started to give birth in nearby times. Her first 3 children was born at home by a normal delivery. Later she got pregnant for the 4th time. The baby died while in the womb and therefore she gave birth to a dead baby. While her 5th baby was in her womb, she suffered from several complications. One day she fell suddenly during her pregnancy. Later on, Fatema’s 5th baby died and hence she had to go through a Cesarean delivary. Even her family members were not aware of the maternity complications at that time.

Later, Fatema got pregnant again. Despite of the normal delivery of 6th & 7th child, both of them died due to the lack of adequete care and also for the physical weakness. Fatema again gave birth to her 8th  child through normal delivery. Meanwhile she broke her water during the birth of her last baby. She was injected with labor induced medicine but despite this it didn’t increase her labor pain. Lastly, the doctors and nurses suggested to go through a cesarean delivary instead of a normal delivery and thus her 9th child was born sound and healthy.

At present, Fatema Begum  is suffering from post C-Section trauma with severe back and abdomen pain. The cost of treatment was an economic burden, which still they are carrying on.

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