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A Dutch Delivery

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“I’ve been complaining about pregnancy-related annoyances for a while and was hoping for my 3rd baby to come out sooner than his predicted due date (March 23rd). Little did I know that my wish would be granted!

One day I woke up very uncomfortable and in pain. I was 38 weeks & 5 days pregnant. A few hours later, I started feeling some contractions. I was with my 2 little daughters, and was having a hard time caring for them. I called my husband and asked him to come back home, but he still didn’t think that it was finally happening. So, I started timing the contractions and little did I know that I was already in labor. I called my previous midwife who said she’d be at my place in half an hour. And then my husband arrived shortly after he called me, and then things started happening very quickly.

My water broke. The midwife arrived and determined that I was 5 cm dilated. We then called a taxi to go to the hospital, and off we went. But this time, I was prepared. The staff at the hospital proved to be extremely friendly and helpful. They told me I was doing great and that I was smiling. There was excoriating pain and I thought I would collapse. I can’t remember anything else, all I remember from that day in labour was the terrible pain. Not being able to withstand it anymore, I repeatedly told the doctor if he could perform a C-section surgery for me since it was becoming unbearable for me. The doctor calmed me down; my midwife was there to hold my hand and give me that encouragement. They said everything was absolutely normal and that I could do it. And since I was already at the hospital, I could ask for pain relief without it being a nuisance. And I got it, a shot of pethidine.

While it didn’t take away the pain, it helped me to get through transition and was one of the reasons why I’m feeling so good about this birth now. The other reasons were my husband and my midwife who were beside me throughout that time. And then the doctor told me I was ready to push. So that’s what I did. The baby came out, at 4pm. It was visible that he swallowed some meconium from the water and had troubles breathing. But he was immediately placed on me, and then he started to cry. I became a mom of 3. We arrived home around 7:45 pm. The girls were picked up from daycare by friends of ours, and they came home the same night. They were beyond excited to meet the baby and wanted to play with him.” - Maaria Lapa, 37 years, The Netherlands.

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