Case Studies

This is what it’s like to give birth in Mexico

Image © Martina Žoldoš 

“When I was pregnant, I lived in Mexico. By nation I am a Slovenian citizen. However, I thought a lot about where I should give birth. In my country Slovenia, I would have my family’s support, a gynecologist who had been seeing me for years. Despite all the advantages of returning home, I opted to remain in Mexico. I thought that place doesn’t matter as long as my baby and I are healthy. Apparently I was so wrong. My pregnancy was going well, I hadn’t experienced any medical complications. I was dreaming of giving birth where my partner and a midwife would be beside me throughout the delivery time.

Then a question from the Mexican gynecologist and nurses came up like “Are you going to have a natural labor or Cesarean?” At first, I didn’t understand how to answer. I preferred not to go under scissors and all. Then I realized that the way I would prefer giving birth wasn’t a question of medical necessity but rather a combination of a doctor’s profit, laziness, my personal choice and the amount of money I had. I realized that giving birth in Mexico wasn’t going to be the natural experience. In Mexico, labor was more like a cold and calculated event.

3 weeks before my daughter’s expected date of birth, my gynecologist informed me- “Your daughter has to be born by C-section since baby’s umbilical cord is wrapped around her neck,” he said. I was surprised hearing that. Other women had told me about doctors discovering ways to take them to surgery. “There’s no other choice, it’s wrapped around twice,” he told me. Despite my fierce opposition, I was eventually convinced to go through with a C-section. But I still doubt whether it was truly necessary.” – says Martina.

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