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An Indian Mother's Amazing Birth Story

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“I feel blessed to have chosen to give birth in such a clinic for my baby’s delivery. After attending the consultation with my obstetrician along with my husband and mom, we decided that this is exactly the kind of birth I want– natural, normal and without any medical interventions. Even before I conceived, I knew that C-section was not something I actually wanted. We would actually look forward to our antenatal sessions at that clinic. Mainly all our queries were answered patiently with detailed explanations.

My water broke on Friday morning and I called my doctor to inform her. Ofcourse I was tensed as I had heard that once your water breaks you need to rush to the hospital. But she was calm and just asked me to eat well and relax and wait till contractions begin. But there were no contractions that entire day. If I were going to a hospital I would have had a C-section delivery within 12 hours of water breaking. Meanwhile I kept visiting to my doctor’s clinic but the contractions didn’t happen even after having doses of the prescribed medicines. My docotr and her team monitored me daily for any infections or complication. Finally, contractions picked up on Day 3 at dawn.

Finally got admitted on Day 3 with early labor. What the most amazing was the continuous and 24/7 labor support given by the nurses. They were extremely warm and encouraged me to squat, walk- keeping me active throughout.

Then there was a twist. My contractions started to slow down and looked like the baby would never come out. I was disheartened and asked my doctor to do a C-section!- yes I never wanted it but at that moment and after going through 3 long days of stress and slow labor, I just wanted to get it over with.

And then what did my docotr do? She lifted my spirits and was continuously inspiring me by telling different things and also helped me out to move. I guess, this psychological effect triggered my physical labor process. Finally it was the time. All I know is that I could hear only my doctor’s voice encouraging me to bring out my baby and finally there he was. Such a cute little being straight into my arms staring at me intently.” - says Smita Saha.

[ Disclaimer: The subject's actual name & picture have not been published for privacy concern.]

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