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“I felt absolutely no pain in giving birth to my child”

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There can be several reasons behind having Cesarean Deliveries. Infant’s wrong position inside the womb or delay in labor progression etc. are some common problems for undergoing C-Section deliveries. The case of Ratna Jahan (age 37) is not quite the same; Ratna didn’t really have a reason. Ratna chose to have a C-Section delivery during her 7th month pregnancy in consultation with her doctor. Ratna and her husband had many common friends who had their babies through C-Section deliveries. It was very common and very convenient. Accordingly to them, it was hassle free, pain free and the process was much simpler. Ratna was a stay home mother, so she thought she had plenty of time to recover from the surgery. One could even chose the date and time of delivery of a child. The couple earned enough money to be able to spend in a C-Section surgery; money was not even a factor. Additionally, this was the upcoming way of child delivery. Everyone in their friend circle was doing it, the couple thought it couldn’t go wrong.

Additionally, when the couple shared their desire with their gynecologist who was one of the most renowned in town, they did not face any discouragement from their doctor. In fact, the couple felt that they were quite well supported to undertake a C-Section. “I felt no pain during the birth of my child. It was literally a 2/3 hours surgery. I was glad to have been able to undergo such a simple procedure. But it was only later, when I suffered from post pregnancy trauma that I regretted taking the step so casually,” says, Ratna. She suffered severely after her C-Section surgery, of which some are long term impacts as well. Ratna faced a post- surgery infection due to which she had to continuously go to the doctor and take anti-biotics. She had high fever and her body reacted very badly towards the surgery. The long term impacts that Ratna faced include depression and emotional disconnect with her baby. Moreover, now Ratna is scared to have her next baby, since the chances of normal delivery might decline due to a C-Section.

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