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A common story of a City Mother

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“Right from the beginning, I wanted a natural childbirth,” says Shahinur Akter- a mother of two children and also a homemaker who lives in Jigatola, Dhaka. She got married in 2000 and in October 2003 she became pregnant. For first few months of her pregnancy, Shahinur had typical pregnancy complications such as vomiting, lack of sleep, thirstiness, burning sensations of her limbs and etc. Shahinur mentioned, “My mother advised me to take complete bedrest, drink lots of water and eat nutritious food during my pregnancy period”.  After 3-4 months of her pregnancy, her condition improved and hardly faced any kind of complications. Therefore, she was less serious towards visiting the doctor for her pregnancy checkup.

The due delivery date of Shahinur Akter was on the last week of June. A month prior to the due date in May 2004, the least expected happened. Shahinur’s water broke. Sensing the discomfort and the intensity of the pain, she rushed to the Gynecologist who informed that her amniotic fluids has been coming out.

After undertaking a series of tests and an ultrasonography report, it was denoted that Shahinur needs to undergo a Caesarean section. “Yes my water broke and I had pain, but according to the tests my labor was not progressed on its own. So I was immediately advised to do elective C- Section on that very day. Then I experienced an emergency C- Section which was very traumatic for me because it was a premature delivery and I was completely clueless about what’s happening and was afraid of encountering medical problems for myself and my baby.”

Shahinur had survived the surgery and gave birth to a healthy baby boy. Fortunately, she did not face any trouble afterwards. According to Shahinur, undertaking that C-Section at that point of time was necessity to save the life of the child and the mother. Despite her dream of delivering by a normal process, Shahinur had to go through the surgery. However, she is grateful that she has a perfectly healthy baby.

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