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An Unnecessary C-Section

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When a young couple is to have their first child, it is only natural that they would be overly cautious. First time parenthood for many parents, starts of a bit shaky. It can be seen in many instances that the young couples are overly concerned and undergo a pre-assessment and situational analysis months before the pregnancy. The new generation parents rely on the internet to research on the Dos and Don’ts of a pregnant mother. They tend to be more attentive to the doctor and take tips and advices from extended family members.

Nonetheless, after all the knowledge and awareness that one is able to gain during the pregnancy period, the child delivery process at the day’s end, is in the hands of the doctors and not up to the parents only. Hence, a doctor’s influence is so critical to the parents at that point in time.

Tanjim Haque and his wife Naila, are a young enthusiastic couple who went for regular doctor’s checkups during their pregnancy. During their trimester, the test reports were positive, the baby was in a good position and everything was good to go for a normal child delivery.  Unfortunately what the delivery lacked was confidence and support from the doctor- which at that point is one of the most essential supports that is needed. There were a series of unhelpful and demotivating factors that came along from the doctor at that point in time.

One of the firsts was when the doctor (keeping anonymous) discouraged the young couple to have a normal delivery suggesting the intolerable level of pain of giving birth which lasts more than 6-8 hours- this discouragement left the couple startled. An additional instance left the couple in complete despair before child birth. Soon before the due delivery date, the doctor declared his unavailability at the time of delivery if the baby is a born through normal delivery. “The doctor said that if the baby is not a C-Section born then he won’t have to be available at the time of delivery and that his assistant would be present to deliver the baby. This left us very startled since we had been consulting with this doctor from day one and could not gather enough confidence to undergo the normal delivery by someone who was a complete stranger to us! If we were at least told about this earlier, we would have adjusted to this and transitioned on to a new doctor,” says, Tanjim.

The couple supposedly repeatedly requested the doctor to spare some time to do the normal delivery to which they did not receive any positive answer. Never did the doctor utter the word “Cesarean Section”, however, he did not encourage them to have a normal child delivery either, which left the couple completely startled. Nervous and uncomfortable, and given the complexity of the situation, the young couple decided to undergo a C-Section delivery in 39 weeks of pregnancy. Tanjim and his wife had a full term baby and there were no such complications before and after the delivery process. It was reported that his wife suffered from severe back pain for almost 9 months after her C section.

However, both of them realize the unnecessity of the surgery and have become very skeptical towards health care provision in the country as a whole.

** Disclaimer: The actual names and photos have not been used for privacy concern.

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