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Encouragement from a Mother-in-law

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“To my mother-in-Law, childbirth is all about self-actualizing experiences and it’s a sacred moment for every mother. Therefore, she believes that a natural childbirth will bring a healthy baby without any doubt,” says Geeta Mitra. Many elderly women in Bangladesh don’t pay any heed to advancements in technologies. According to many women, at their time of giving child birth around 40-50 years ago, the only delivery was normal delivery and undergoing a normal delivery process gave them both mental and physical strength. The babies were also healthier and attained strong immune systems.

Since the time of her marriage, Geeta has been listening to all these stories of normal child birth and the intense struggles and joys associated with it from her mother-in-law. She has heard about the tales of panic, tales of pain and tales of endurance of a woman. She learnt that women were silent conquers of the world and their endurance to pain and tolerance were incomparable to any other. Geeta had her fair share of disagreements with this ideology, however something deep down inside her- maybe all the tales she had heard over the years from her mother in-law, gave her the strength and desire to opt for a normal child delivery. Hence, when Geeta was pregnant with her first baby, especially during her trimester she began to detest the idea of a C-Section delivery.

4 to 5 days prior her due delivery date Geeta had tremendous abdominal cramps and was taken to the hospital. The pains increased and continued to do so until, it blurred out Geeta’s memory. Amidst all that, Geeta remembers the strength and courage that her mother in law had given her. Since her mother in law was very familiar with the signs of labor progression, she helped Geeta to cope with contractions using breathing techniques and by continuously encouraging her. She managed to calm her down. Sporadically there were doctors and nurses coming in and out to check up on Geeta. She remembers hearing dialogues between doctors regarding having a C-Section surgery since the pain was getting unbearable.

“My mother-in-law opposed the doctors’ decision. They suggested a C-Section delivery quite easily and casually to me and my family at the time of my delivery, especially when the labour pain was at its highest. I mean, child birth is painful! We cannot have an alternative to that pain! Thank God, my well experienced mother in law was there to support me and stopped the doctors from influencing an unnecessary C-Section,” says Geeta with a sign of relief.

It has been so long since the baby has been born, Geeta still gains inspiration from her mother-in- law. She still claims that to be able to delivery is a state of mind, one of strength and determination. Geeta’s mother-in-law inspires other women too, and encourages them to be patient, fearless and thoughtful before taking a decision of undertaking a C-Section Delivery. Geeta hopes that more women, professionals and doctors lead the role of her mother in law to other pregnant women so that the rates of unnecessary C-Sections decline.

*Disclaimer: The actual name and photo of the person/persons have been altered for security purposes.

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