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A third after two C-Sections

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“My husband and I decided we'd try for one more baby to complete our family. I am the mother of 3 beautiful kids and this is the story of my 3rd child’s delivery. My husband and his family encourage natural child birth, hence, they continuously encouraged me from the very first stage of my pregnancy. But on the other hand, I was quite nervous and scared of having a normal child delivery. I have seen my best friend Sabah who suffered and struggled for almost four days with unbearable pain while giving birth to her first baby. Though I have heard and read that normal delivery was considered as the safest procedure for both the mother and the child, I was very shaken up by the thought of it. Especially after all the stories of unbearable pain that I had heard from Sabah. When my first son was in the womb, my water broke and my labor progress was very slow. Sadly, I ended up having a C-section due to those complications. At the time of my second baby who came along just after one and half year of my first delivery, my doctor recommended a scheduled C-section which would be the best option in that stage. Though my husband was hoping to have a baby through normal delivery, we were unable to have that.

While giving birth to my last baby, my due date crossed but I didn’t feel any pain. Later I faced contractions after 2 days of my expected date, that lasted throughout the night. I faced trouble while sleeping at night and the next morning, we headed towards the hospital. Around 12 pm, I could not take the pain anymore. After a series of injections, my water broke. The excruciating pain continued for a couple of more hours. After a nerve wrecking and painful struggle for the next few hours, I finally gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. I came to realize that the common belief of “once a cesarean, always a cesarean” is nothing but a fallacy. I had gone through a vaginal delivery after 2 cesarean deliveries. Yes, it was painful but it was possible and both my daughter and I am alright. Motherhood to me, has many dimensions. Undertaking a normal delivery opened a new dimension for me. I feel blessed,”- Samia Jahan, Dhaka (Age 33)

*Disclaimer: The photos and names of the persons have been altered for security purposes.

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